Smart home systems

Well – have you ever considered how much money and savings have you invested in your car? Do you want to know how much would you save by installing an intelligent home management?



Read below about the possibilities of the Smart Home system and what you get by making such investment.


Intelligent management system means implementation of the KNX/EIB technology in the construction of a modern house. It saves a lot of energy and increases safety, while permitting a comfortable and simple management. By integration of all electrical elements, machinery (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling), venetian blinds, video surveillance, internet, telephone and multimedia, a secure and simple management is provided. By means of presence sensors, fire sensors, burglar sensors, flood sensors and a weather station, the object independently regulates the use of energy and provides security.


The so-called Smart Home systems undoubtedly represent a large step in improving quality and safety of living environment as well as of business premises.


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