Custom-made furniture

For your apartment to become home, it needs a soul, and a part of this is furniture designed and made according to your taste and wishes.



Together with our contractors, we design, manufacture and deliver various types of furniture and interior fittings – from furnishing, kitchen furniture to the fittings for larger facilities, hotels, casinos, hospitals and other buildings. In addition to long tradition, manufacture of our furniture is distinguished by its innovation, individual treatment, high-quality and comprehensive service.


Our team includes different professional profiles needed for manufacturing high-quality furniture: interior designers, engineers and masters of joinery. An important concept of our work is flexibility to the wishes and needs of our clients, including use of various materials, from prestigious to classical and environment-friendly.


In our work, we use first-class wood materials, top building hardware and ecological varnishes for wood finishing – all that is necessary to provide you with a custom-made home.